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Case Studies

Stadhampton School

Installation of Mitsubishi Heat Pumps with low temperature distribution system

Designed for optimum efficiency and safety radiators using radiators oversized by 3-4 times deliver the buildings energy requirement with a maximum flow temperature of 35C

mitsubishi heat pump with low temperature distribution system

New College Farm, Oxfordshire

Uses a 30kW Mitsubishi City Multi air source heat pump and two PWFY heat exchangers to supply pool water and space heating for pool building and office.

Dehumidification provided using Heatstar Andromeda 30.

swimming pool heaters

All Saints Church Marlow

Feasibility study looking at the feasibility of extracting heat from the River Thames to heat church using underfloor heating . Two 37 kW heat pumps will provide underfloor heating to an area cover 600m2.

Thames water will be pumped at a rate of 30m3 per hour through a filter before passing through a stainless steel plate heat exchanger.

underfloor heating

Stratford Upon Avon

30kW ground source heat pump supplies 800 square foot residential building.

System uses 4 100m bore holes combined with grounds loops. Installed using 2 16kW Danfoss heat pumps with 300l buffer tank and 450l hot water cylinder.

ground source heat pumps

danfoss heat pumps

Mitsubishi Ecodan Buckinghamshire

14kW Mitsubishi air heat pump on domestic property providing 100% of heating and hot water requirements.
mitsubishi air heat pump

Danfoss Open Loop System using the River Thames

10kW Danfoss Heat Pump uses heat from the River Thames to provide 100% of space heating and  hot water requirements. 

The system pumps water from the River Thames through a plate  heat exchanger isolating the river water from the heat pump. The system provides excellent performance all year round.

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Thames inlet