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Commercial Renewable Heat Initiative Application

An Independent Report on Metering Arrangements (IRMA) is intended to demonstrate to Ofgem that an installation has the metering arrangements in place to meet Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) compliance.

Ofgem states that it will require a report for a commercial RHI installation which:

  • Has a capacity of 1MWth or above; or
  • Is classed as having a ‘multiple’ metering arrangement for RHI payment purposes; or
  • Uses steam as the heat transfer medium.

How to comply

In order to satisfy commercial RHI regulatory requirements, Ofgem stipulates that the report should show that:

  • Meters and sensors are correctly positioned
  • Meters and sensors are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • The schematic diagram is an accurate representation of the installation and the heating system of which it forms part.
Commercial building

Getting a Qualified IRMA Assessment

We can provide independent metering reports to support Ofgem RHI applications, with inspections carried out by highly experienced engineers who can demonstrate all required qualifications, including.

  • Expertise in flow measurement and heat/steam measurement systems
  • Experience in utilities, building services and heating system design, operation and maintenance
  • Independence and impartiality

We can also deal with the entire Ofgem RHI application process if required.

Maximising Energy Efficiency

Ofgem states that RHI Heat Loss Assessment (HLA) “should be used by all applicants submitting heat loss information to Ofgem when applying for the Non- Domestic RHI.”

Geothermique’s services include

  • Providing heat loss calculations for insulated pipework
  • Supplying Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) calculations and Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) calculations to European Standard EN 14825.
    SCOP describes a heat pump’s average annual energy performance and forms the basis for European minimum requirements and energy labelling for heat pumps.
  • Working to the MCS Heat Emitter Guide relating to smaller systems, used to assess the efficiency of heat pumps using a Temperature Star Rating.
    Ofgem states that “the number of temperature stars an air or ground source heat pump receives will correspond to a predetermined Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF).”

Remote Meter Reading

We are able to provide solutions that allow remote meter reading of MBUS enabled heat meters and pulse electricity. This can be carried out via the internet or using GPRS modems.