geothermique install geothermal heating systems for commercial and domestic

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Geothermique install Geothermal and Air Souce Heating Systems for
domestic and commercial applications.

  • design and installation of ground source heat pumps
  • design and installation of air source heat pumps
  • energy monitoring and display.
  • RHI metering.
  • help with commercial RHI aplications

Geothermique assist in the whole process to help meet your own particular goals. Starting from an energy assessment, the project may include project feasibility, assistance with grants and tax issues and on through to design, installation and commissioning of the complete system.

Our services include installation and design of ground/air source heat pumps and swimming pool heaters. All of these things can help make your future greener and reduce your heating bills.

Ground Source Heat  Pumpsbr>

extract heat from the ground and get paid for the heat you use.

Air Source Heat Pumps

generate heat using energy from the air or ground. You'll save money on your heating bill and reduce your carbon emissions.
Water Source Heat Pumps

the most efficient form of heating for new-builds and extensions.