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Geothermique Services

We provide sustainable heating solutions for homes, commercial buildings and the public sector.

We can help you meet your local authority renewable energy target and reduce your carbon footprint and running costs in the built environment. We can also help meet you Breeam targets.

Geothermique provide a complete design, install and maintenance service for heating and electricity generation.

geothermiqe sustainable heating solutions

  • we can also offer a consultancy service.
  • energy monitoring and display.
  • design and installation of heat pumps
  • design and installation of solar PV

We can install systems to allow you to monitor and record your building's energy performance. We can provide real time display systems

We are not tied to any single manufacturer and therefore can specify and install the most suitable equipment for each individual building.


Geothermique Limited carry out energy surveys to investigate where savings can be made both in terms of power costs and carbon emissions.

As much of the power cost is associated with providing space heating and hot water, this is the area that is concentrated on although it is not exclusive - processes and equipment can also be incorporated into the survey.

Existing building fabric and systems are examined to determine areas of low efficiency and heat recovery opportunities. Alternative technologies are investigated to select the most appropriate solution for the site which is then recommended to the client along with a description of the potential savings and payback periods in a comprehensive report.