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Solar PV

The panels can be placed on a roof or at ground level. We install photovoltaic cells which are used to generate electricity.

Solar PV is ideal for new-builds as the panels can be fully integrated into the design of the roof although fitting on to existing buildings can also be achieved providing the roof structure is strong enough. Planning permission is not often required unless the building is listed. However, advice should be sought from the local planning office before proceeding.

Payback time varies from site to site and the electricity tariff compared to. However, with the feed-in tariffs , selling electricity generated from renewable energy back to the grid makes the investment in solar PV more attractive.  Use our solar optimiser to ensure that you use all the power that is generated to heat hot water or run other electrical eqipment.

Maintenance of the panels simply involves cleaning and the life expectancy is estimated to be approximately 25 years.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average output of a 1kW peak solar cell in the UK is approximately 800kWh per year. A 1kW peak system typically occupies an area of 5 to 7.5m2 on the roof.

Feed in Tariffs (FiTs)

The electricity generated by a photovoltaic cell can be converted into mains electricity and used to power buildings It can also be fed back into the grid.

Small systems up to 4kW, or about 22 panels, will qualify for the government feed in tariff at the higher rate. Currently this is 21p per kWh with an additional 3.2p paid for electricity that is exported. It is normally assumed that you will use half the energy that you produce. This is guaranteed for the next twenty-five years.

The feed in payments make the installation of panels a good investment. Payback is normally within 10 years.

      solar pv

Typical Installation Cost

  • 4kW system £8,000 -£9,000
  • 2kW systems £5,500- £6,000
See our feed in tariffs.

Earnings & Savings Example

A typical 4kWp (approx. 16-20 panels) system can earn the following:

  • Generation Tariff =£721 per year.
  • Export Tariff (extra 3p per. unit) = £56 per year.
  • Electricity Bill Savings = £207 per year.
  • Total Earnings per. year = £984

solar panels on your house for renewable energy      Medium and large scale PV installations

For systems larger than 4kW the FiTs is reduced but with economies of scale the installation costs are reduced. Larger systems can be placed on roofs or on the ground. Planning permission will be required and we will ensure that G59 connection standards are met.

Who can benefit?

  • Home owners
  • Land Owners
  • Landlords