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Swimming Pool Heaters

Geothermique design and install efficient swimming pool heating and ventilation systems. These use the latest heat pump technology and can reduce costs by as much as 70%. These units can operate even on the coldest days providing 100% of the heating requirement and are suitable for small pools through to leisure centres.

These systems can also use heat recovery pumping surplus heat for gyms, kitchens and living areas to provide hot water and pool heating. Both the public and private sector can apply for interest free loans of up to £500,000 spread over 5 years for the installation of energy saving products under schemes run by Salix and the Carbon Trust.

Heat pumps are very efficient when heating swimming pools. Pools are generally heated to between 28C and 30C. At these temperatures we can expect efficiency as high as 600%.

We usually recommend that air source heat pumps are used for swimming as average air temperature is greater that the average ground loop return temperature.

We install Recotherm and Heatstar dehumidification systems. Combined with heat pumps these offer high efficiency and substantial CO2 savings.

We can provide system up to up to 800kW using Mitsubishi City Multi and Mr Slim Heat Pumps. These can also provide heat recovery cooling one part of the building and using the heat in the pool and changing rooms to provide hot water and space heating.

     swimming pool heaters

Mitsubishi PWFY Heat Exchangers

Mitsubishi PWFY Heat Exchangers

     Heatstar Andromeda

Heatstar Andromeda