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Underfloor Heating

There are different types of underfloor heating: referred to as 'wet' and 'electric'.

'Wet' is the installation of water pipes in the floor through which warm water circulates. This is the type of underfloor heating that Geothermique Limited install.

Warm air rises and so the whole of the space is heated.

It is a very efficient method of heating as it utilises low flow temperatures and therefore perfectly compliments heat pumps.

     underfloor heating
Installation typically involves the laying of pipes on a bed of insulation. The pipes are laid at an equal spacing apart (normally around 150mm) and may be connected to a manifold which is in turn connected to the heat pump. The manifold will ideally be sited in a cupboard or somewhere out of the way. A thin screed is then applied over the pipes upon which tiles or carpet can be laid