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Water Source Heat Pumps

Water source heat pumps work in a similar way to ground source heat pumps except that they take heat directly from a water source. This can be a river , stream, open loop borehole or a spring. Usually water is pumped from the source through a plate heat exchanger and then returned back to the same water source.  Open loop water heat pumps can work at much higher collector temoeratures then closed loop system and will have a gigher level of effciency.

They are efficient providing uo to 5kW of heat for every kW used . Ground source heat pumps qualify for the renewable heat incentive which will pay you 18.8p/kWh for all the renewable energy that you use . For a 3/4 bedroom house these payment are likely to be between £1500 to £3000 per year payable over 7 years.

Low operating costs, Low maintenance, Reduced emissions


Water Source Heat Pump


Where the amount of water used daily exceeds 20m3 a licence issued bt the Environment Agency is required.  Some smaller heat pumps may not exceeed that limit